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Collection: Our Team of Piano Specialists

Our team at Shackleford Pianos is made up of the most experienced piano technicians, restorers and transporters in the country. At Shackleford Pianos, we can guarantee that we will offer our services to our highest standards. We are proud to serve our expertise for all of your piano needs, from transport to repairs.

If you need our services, have an enquiry or if you wish to purchase a piano, feel free to contact our email at or call 0800 032 9919.


Aaron Shackleford - Director and Piano Technician
Fiona Corston - Piano Teacher and DirectorScott Leigh - Operations Manager
Joshua Wardle - Digital Marketing ApprenticeJon Hanson - Transport Team
Marco Chen - Piano TechnicianMatthew Phillip-Betts - Cabinet Restorer
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