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Aaron Shackleford - Director and Piano Technician


For me, the piano is one of civilisation's most interesting inventions. My interest was captured when, as a young child, I lifted the top lid of the family piano and saw how the hammers hit the strings when I pressed the keys. This action and the sound that it produced was and still is, truly remarkable.

I started working on pianos as a teenager in 1984. I was fortunate to begin my career with Wayne Stuart, who is now recognised as one of the world's great piano makers through his Stuart and Sons concert grands. I have also learned from master technicians such as Yoji Suzuki (Yamaha), Max Matthias (Steinway Hamburg), Franz Mohr (Steinway New York) and Gerhard Felmann (Bösendorfer) as well as piano designer Mark Allen and Nicholas Rogé, an early piano restorer and maker. Keith Hill and Pietor Zimmerman enabled me to explore further aspects of acoustics and the instrument making process.

In this line of work I am very lucky to meet people who share my passion for the piano. Some of these are technicians and professional concert pianists who demand the best that an instrument can deliver. As well as working with the technicians listed above, I have also collaborated with concert pianists such as Pascal Rogé, Andreas Staier, Piers Lane, Nikolai Demidenko, Roger Woodwood, Christina Ortiz, Mike Oldfield, and Barry Douglas.

I similarly enjoy working with people who make their living doing "a day job" but who love the piano just as much as the professionals. In short, I value meeting all types of people and sharing their love of the piano.

I can proudly say that my interest and education in pianos is lifelong. My main objective is to make you extremely happy with your piano and your music.

Please feel free to call in to our offices at any time to chat to Aaron about pianos and your requirements.