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Collection: Ivory Restoration

Shackleford Pianos is specialist in ivory piano key top restoration. We preserve and restore this precious material to it's former glory and only replace missing or damaged key tops using recycled ivory or mammoth ivory following CITES guidelines.

Shackleford Pianos restores chipped and discoloured piano ivory keys to their original glory and replaces missing ivory key tops using recycled ivory. 


Piano Ivory Restoration


Ivory is beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch. It is easy to work with yet is very hard wearing. Man has always thought of it as valuable and it is for these reasons that ivory has been the material chosen to produce the key tops for prestigious piano makers for the last 200 years.

Humans have been using ivory since prehistoric times. The quality and artistry found in many ivory artefacts show that it has always been a material of significant iconic value. All civilisations that had access to ivory used the medium to create items that were and still are valued as much as pieces made from using any other precious materials.


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