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Shackleford Pianos specialises in Piano restoration for antique and modern upright and grand pianos. The pianos we have restored can be found throughout the UK and all around the World.

We offer a complete piano restoration service from our Macclesfield, Cheshire workshop which is done with love and care by our professional piano restorers.

With our piano restoration we constantly research traditional piano manufacturing methods and also work with modern piano manufacturers to keep abreast of the latest technological developments.

We employ highly trained piano restorers who are passionate about their craft and always look to produce the best possible piano restoration work to keep your piano playing at it’s optimum performance level and to make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Our upright and grand piano restoration is done by hand using time-honoured traditions of piano making. Our piano restoration is completed by an elite group of manufacturers and piano restorers in house.



In this way our piano restoration projects meet the increasing technical demands of the modern pianist, who requires an instrument which can deliver extremes of colour, texture and dynamic, as well as the particular and varied demands of a wide range of grand pianos.

Being the UK's only full service piano workshop and showroom, we are in the best position to restore pianos. We do not send any parts of the instrument to external sources, we have the ability to complete all the work in house.



Piano restoration types we offer

Shackleford Pianos offers one of the UK's finest piano restoration services.

Whether you have a fine German piano such as Blüthner, Steinway, or Bechstein, or an English piano such as Chappell, Marshall & Rose or Broadwood you want restoring to its original glory, or you feel that it is time to restore to mint condition the piano that you inherited from a relative, Shackleford Pianos can tailor a piano restoration service to suit your budget and needs. Some of the services Shackleford Pianos offers are:



All of Shackleford Pianos' piano restoration services are offered to the whole of UK and Europe and full restorations are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years.*

* Provided the piano is well maintained and tuned every six months by a Shackleford Pianos representative. 



Our approach to piano restoration

We approach all piano restorations carefully and employ the finest materials and techniques that are sympathetic to the period the piano was manufactured in.

Piano restoration is pointless and detrimental to an instrument's tonal character and value if incorrect parts, materials and strings are used in the restoration process on older pianos.

All piano restoration is wholly performed by us in our specialist piano restoration workshop in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Some U.K. companies give the impression that they restore pianos themselves when, in reality, they contract out the work to companies in the former Eastern Bloc. We believe that cheaper labour costs often result in an unacceptable standard of piano restoration and therefore choose to carry out all of our piano restoration work personally. We also believe that it is important to maintain a high level of skills in piano restoration in the U.K. and that this can only be achieved by undertaking the piano restoration process in a controlled, single workshop environment. Furthermore, we welcome visitors to our workshop at any time.

Our piano restoration business restores pianos from the whole of the UK, Europe and worldwide and guarantee all of our work for a minimum of ten years (subject to conditions).


Our piano technicians restoring pianos in our piano workshop



Previous Restoration Projects 

Here is a wonderful Blüthner we beautifully restored in December 2023, posted on Instagram.


Here is a restoration we finished on a Blüthner grand piano that was involved in a house fire -


A fully restored Bluthner grand piano that was in a house fire



This Zeitter & Winkelmann was found in a barn and has since been turned into a bright, angelic white baby grand piano.


Zeitter & Winkelmann New

     Zeitter Winkelmann Old



This black Petrof baby grand piano was starting to fade, so we restored it to its former glory.


Restored Petrof Baby Grand Piano



  Here is a beautiful restored Steingraeber & Sohn baby grand piano.



Restored Steingraeber & Sohn Baby Grand Piano



This is an ornate Paul Gerard upright piano that has undergone some fantastic restoration work.



Restored Paul Gerard Upright Piano with Inlay



A splendid C. Bechstein baby grand piano that has been restored elegantly.



C. Bechstein restored baby grand piano



A restored Neumeyer upright piano with a magnificent inlay and polished candlestick holders.


 Restored Neumeyer Upright Piano



This upright piano is an ornate Kaps piano that has been restored to its former grace.



Restored Kaps Upright Piano



Another stunning piano - this restored Schimmel was brought back to life by our restoration team.


 Restored Schimmel Baby Grand Piano



With stunning cabinetry and legs, this Ibach baby grand piano is a great example of a restoration project done well.



Restored Ibach Baby Grand Piano


A beautifully restored Ibach upright in mahogany gloss.


Restored Ibach Upright Piano


  Any piano that comes in for restoration will be given an approximate time scale for completion. We must stress that this is only an approximate, as we encounter issues with pianos regularly that lengthen the process.

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