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Warranty Information

At Shackleford pianos, we offer a guarantee on all of the pianos that we sell.

The length of this warranty will vary dependant on the piano, but the minimum will be five years.

You will be advised of the length of your warranty. Our guarantee covers any technical fault that you may encounter with your piano however, any fault due to misuse, problems encountered from not having the piano serviced regularly and any problems caused due to excess or inconsistent heat, cold or moisture will not be covered by our warranty.

To ensure that your piano is covered by our warranty it must be serviced by a representative of Shackleford Pianos. Along with this, please follow our tips on how to take care of your piano:

Even if your piano is not used it will go out of tune. YOU MUST Make sure you have your piano tuned every six months by a Shackleford Pianos representative Piano Tuner.

Avoid humidity. The best humidity level to keep a piano at is around 50-60%, pianos that exceed this for elongated periods may not be available for warranty coverage

Avoid placing your piano near a radiator or against an outside wall, near open fireplaces or log burners, damages caused by extensive heat causing the wood to expand will not be covered by warranty.

Avoid water damage. Keep vases, pot plants, cups of tea etc away from the piano. Damages caused by any form of spillages or liquid damage to any of the piano will not be covered by warranty

When you clean your piano use a micro fibre cloth. Do not use furniture polish.

The best temperature to keep your piano at is between 20 - 24c The worst thing you can expose a piano to is extremes of heat and humidity. For example, if you go away for a few days and let your house freeze, then come home and put your heating on high, expect piano problems. Instead, slowly introduce heat into the room.

Any forms of external changes or modifications done to your piano will not be covered under Shackleford Pianos warranty, such as anyone other than a Shackleford Pianos representative re-regulating the piano. 

Our pianos are all tuned to A440 concert pitch, respond to a minimum grade 5 ABRSM playing standard, and are guaranteed for five years against any technical problems.