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3 Year Buy Back Plan

Our three year Buy Back Plan is designed to help get you or your children started playing the piano. We all know how risky taking up a new hobby is especially when children are involved, I often hear - "I don't know how long they are going to keep it going."

The Buy Back Plan will allow you to trade in a previous piano you bought with us for a better model. This plan is available on the list price (not sale price) of any piano more expensive than the one you originally purchased. For example in March 2010 you bought a piano from us at £1000. in March 2013 you would like to buy a piano from us at £2500. With the Buy Back Plan, this means you will only have to pay £1500.

The best way to encourage a child's or adult's interest in learning the piano, is to first of all buy a piano that plays very well. There is nothing worse than trying to play music on an instrument that doesn't work properly or sound pitch perfect. If you were to buy an old piano from ebay, the chances are it would be well down on pitch and have many notes that don't respond the way they should. Buying a cheap electronic keyboard is also nothing like playing on a piano. The end result with both of these types of purchase is that you send a child off to lessons, where the teacher has a good piano and they then become confused because the teachers piano feels different, responds differently and is at a different pitch level to the one they play at home.

Our beginners pianos are all at A440 concert pitch, respond to a grade 5 playing standard and are guaranteed for three years against any technical problems. These are ideal pianos to get started on. If you then decide within the first three years that you love the piano so much you want to upgrade to a better model, we will give you what you paid for your beginner piano (less transport costs) as a trade in value on your upgraded piano. All we ask is that you have the piano tuned twice per year, this will also maintain the 5 year warranty. All pianos should be tuned a minimum of twice per year.