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Silent and Piano Disc Systems

Silent system with headphones being used on a white piano

We Install Silent, and Piano Disc Systems

Shackleford Pianos installs fine quality silent systems and piano discs on pianos of all variety. Our master piano technicians can easily install such revolutionary additions on your piano. These systems are cutting-edge technology in the world of pianos and are perfect for professional pianists and beginners alike.


Silent Systems

Are you looking to enhance your practice without disturbing others? Silent systems make use of state-of-the-art sensors to pick up the movement of the action and input them as notes, allowing the use of headphones for a clear, stunning sound. Meanwhile, a bar is used to prevent the hammers from hitting the strings, allowing you to play without disturbing those around you.


Kioshi Silent System with Headphones


Silent system on a black upright piano


Silent system on a mahogany upright piano



Silent systems are also useful for many other reasons. For instance, a silent system could be the perfect enhancement for a recording studio, where you can use the system to record sounds and turn it off when you want to rehearse before others. This helps you save space, allowing you to use the modified piano with more than one purpose, instead of wasting space buying a separate MIDI keyboard.


  Pianist using a silent system with headphones


Piano Disc Systems

We also install piano disc systems. Have you ever pumped some heavy, exhausting pedals to play a piano roll? That is technology of the past. If you love the spectacle of a piano playing itself, or if you own a hotel lobby where you want to entertain your guests with vibrant music without needing a pianist - this ground-breaking system is for you.

Piano disc systems allow the piano to play whatever music you choose on its own without the need of a pianist. You can even save your favourite music in the system and the system allows you to use technology such as an Apple Watch, Amazon Echo or an Android device to control your piano disc system. Therefore, you can play music on the piano at the touch of a finger against a screen.

      Piano Disc System


Our team of specialist piano technicians will be able to install any piano disc system onto your piano without difficulty and in minimal time