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Collection: Grand Piano Hire

Grand Piano Hire: The perfect wedding piano.

Shackleford Pianos Hire Service offers stunning grand pianos for hire perfect for use in weddings, concerts and other events.

Our piano hire offer is form for the best grand pianos from the most prestigious names in the business in varying colours and varying sizes.

All our grand pianos for hire are prepared to play at concert standard - they are perfect to listen to and play and will make a bold statement at any event.

Alongside our piano hire service we provide a professional piano moving service so there is no additional planning for you to do. Talk to us about the theme of your wedding day or the location of your concert and we will have the perfect grand piano for hire. 

Hire 5FT or 6FT Yamaha GH1B Grand Piano fitted with Piano Disc IQ System

5FT or 6FT Yamaha GH1B Grand Piano fitted with Piano Disc IQ System

The Yamaha GH1B Model is fully made in Japan and meets the high standards that this range of Yamaha pianos has become famous for. It is a small grand piano that produces very high standards of sound and performance.

This particular Yamaha GH1B has been retro fitted with the Piano Disc IQ Intellegent Player system. PianoDisc’s revolutionary IQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDriveHD that plays your piano, the system will deliver a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels.

Piano Dimensions : length 159cm / width: 148cm


Hire 5FT or 6FT Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

5FT or 6FT Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Yamaha pianos are the choice of many top pianists, musical institutions, and are loved in the family home or music studio world wide. The superior qualities of the Yamaha C3 reflect Yamaha Pianos leading edge technology, advanced design philosophy, quality craftsmanship and componentry selection. The result is a mid-sized piano which can deliver the comprehensive technical and sound capabilities that the highest level of musical performance demands.

We have used our Yamaha concert school training to present this Yamaha C3 to play nothing short of high concert level. It will perform exceptionally in a solo recital, within a chamber music group, or in a smaller orchestral situation. It will also make the grandest of statements at any occasion you may be planning or presenting.

Piano Dimensions : length 183cm / width: 148cm

Hire 5FT or 6FT Kawai Baby Grand Piano

5FT or 6FT Kawai Baby Grand Piano

Kawai build pianos of superb quality and this baby grand is no exception.

The touch is incredibly responsive making it a joy to play. The ideal piano for weddings and events.

Piano Dimensions : length 153cm / width: 150cm

Hire 7FT Grotrian-Steinweg 225 Concert Grand Piano

7FT Grotrian-Steinweg 225 Concert Grand Piano

This beautiful concert grand piano has been developed by Grotrian-Steinweg using centuries of experience.

The result is a piano that can express every aspect of the dynamic range perfectly and is ideal for medium and larger size venues.

Piano Dimensions : length 225cm / width: 153cm

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