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Terms and Conditions

1. As pianos are mechanical musical instruments and are susceptible to changes due to variations in heat and humidity, stresses of stringing tension, and degradation contributed to by regular usage, the purchaser is expected to follow our warranty guide to how to care for your piano. (See item 4)

2. When purchasing the piano via e-commerce or by phone order where the description of the product is reliant on pictures of the item(s) viewed on our website or sent to the customer via email, accompanied by written or verbal description. If the item arrives not as described or not as you expect it to be you will receive a full refund of any payments, this refund is only available upon arrival and refusal of the item. The customer has up to 14 days following delivery to return the item, which must be returned in the same condition it was delivered and signed for on the delivery condition sheets. We will then collect the item again via our specialist transport team. Please note, the customer will be responsible for paying all return transport costs. Refund will be made by company cheque addressed to the original purchaser or BACS payment into the original customers preferred bank account. Any deposits made reserving an item enter the purchaser into a legal obligation for purchase of that product. The deposit for any item is only refundable for up to 24 hours after the payment has been processed. Any deposit refund outside of the 24 hour period is non refundable. Deposits made that exceed the 28 day period from the date of purchase without the delivery being made at the discretion of the customer, will require that the full payment must be made unless previously agreed.

Card payments made when not present - All card details are destroyed when the transaction is complete.

3. Returns, Damaged Goods & Storage Conditions

All piano orders are prepared to play to the highest possible standard prior to dispatch. With new items the appearance is carefully checked prior to dispatch and again upon delivery by our specialist trained expert delivery service. At this time the recipient will be asked to inspect the item and sign a declaration stating that the order has arrived in acceptable condition. Goods damaged in transit and not in acceptable condition may be returned within 14 days to be expertly repaired or replaced with the same type of product.

When goods are delivered by post or not by our own expert delivery service, the customer should notify Shackleford Pianos within 24hours of receipt, of any damage to their received goods. We will require photographic evidence of the damage sent to us via email. All items damaged in transit will be expertly repaired or replaced with the same type of product. Shackleford Pianos cannot be held responsible for damage reported after the initial 24 hour reception period.

Any pianos collected that are left in our storage facility without contact from the customer, will result in a storage fee of £15.00 per week including VAT and insurance, until the piano has been arranged to be delivered or collected by ourselves or a third party company. Any action's or piano parts left in our storage facility without contact from the customer will result in a £5.00 per week storage fee including VAT and insurance. This will also include a delivery fee, price depends on the delivery location. Any pianos or parts collected by a third party company will require full payment of any outstanding storage fees being made before collection.

4. Our warranty and how to look after your piano

At Shackleford pianos, we offer a guarantee on all of the pianos that we sell.

The length of this warranty will vary dependent on the piano, but the minimum will be five years. You will be advised of the length of your warranty. Our guarantee covers any technical fault that you may encounter with your piano however, any fault due to misuse, problems encountered from not having the piano serviced regularly and any problems caused due to excess or inconsistent heat, cold or moisture will not be covered by our warranty.

To ensure that your piano is covered by our warranty it must be serviced by a representative of Shackleford Pianos. As well as following a regular servicing plan, please also follow our tips on how to take care of your piano:

  • Even if your piano is not used it will go out of tune. Make sure you have your piano tuned every six months.
  • Avoid humidity. The best humidity level to keep a piano at is around 60%
  • Avoid placing your piano near a radiator or against an outside wall, near open fireplaces or log burners.
  • Avoid water damage. Keep vases, pot plants, cups of tea etc away from the piano.
  • When you clean your piano use a microfibre cloth. Do not use furniture polish.

The best temperature to keep your piano at is between 21 - 24c. The worst thing you can expose a piano to is extremes of heat and humidity. For example, if you go away for a few days and let your house freeze, then come home and put your heating on high, expect piano problems. Instead, slowly introduce heat into the room.

Our beginner's pianos are all at A440 concert pitch, respond to a grade 5 playing standard, and are guaranteed for three years against any technical problems. These are ideal pianos to get started on. If you then decide within the first three years that you love the piano so much you want to upgrade to a better model, we will give you what you paid for your beginner piano (less transport costs) as a trade in value on your upgraded piano. All we ask is that you follow the guidelines above and this will maintain the warranty.

5. Billing conditions

We use Shopify Payment powered by stripe to collect/process transaction information. Please see their security policy All payment processes are fully PCI compliant and are made to us within 2 days through Shopify Payment. We rigorously monitor all payments made online through Shopify Payment. Should we need to refund you for your item, we can make a full refund within 5 days of the agreement. 

Card payments made when not present - All card details are destroyed when the transaction is complete.

Customers details will not be passed onto any third party.

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