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Installation Piano Tuning Service

With each piano purchased from Shackleford Pianos Cheshire we include a free bespoke piano tuning installation service.

If a piano has had major restoration work there will be additional piano tunings included with the sale of the piano. You will be alerted to this at the time of your purchase.

The installation tune tends to take place within 4-6 weeks of delivery, allowing your piano time to settle into its new environment.

Part of this service is tailoring the tone of your piano to suit your individual taste, which is largely determined by the acoustics found in your individual abode. No piano is going to sound the same in your house as it does in our showroom, (or anybody else's for that matter). It is important to understand that sound technical expertise can change a pianos tone. Shackleford Pianos Cheshire can offer such expertise.

Shackleford Pianos Cheshire can also change the touch of the piano to suit your individual requirements; this can also be done as part of your installation service. This service is included for all pianos sold in the UK.