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Collection: Piano Painting and Polishing

At Shackleford Pianos, we offer a painting and polishing service to tailor the aesthetics of your piano to your satisfaction. We do lacquer finishes, polyester or polyurethane polish and we also do a unique French polish. Our cabinet restoration experts can also paint your piano to suit your needs.

For antique pianos, Shackleford Pianos are proud to offer a unique piano French polishing service that greatly enhances the appearance of a piano and adds antique value. In fact, French polish is the only finish that adds value to an instrument, which is why we only offer this type of polish as part of our restoration service. Our cabinet restorers use a traditional French polishing technique that is done by hand, all done in our Macclesfield workshop. Our French polishing emphasises and protects the natural beauty and lustre inherent in all high quality antique wooden pianos.

Our French polishers are highly trained cabinet makers. We feel very honoured to have them as part of our business, and are thrilled to offer you this rare craft to help increase the value of your cherished items.

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Piano French Polishing
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