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Voicing is the process where the density of the hammer is adjusted to change the tone of your piano.

The tone of your piano should be pleasing to the ear and allow you to clearly project your music and emotions. If your piano sounds too tinny or too dull, or some notes are louder or softer than others, then it is time to have your pianos hammers adjusted. This is termed voicing and, when done properly, tailors the tone of your piano to perfectly suit you.


piano voicing


After checking the touch response of the piano the voicing process begins with perfectly aligning the hammers to the strings and then reshaping and/or refacing the hammer. This removes from the hammer felt the deep grooves made when the hammer comes into contact with the strings, and returns the hammer to their correct shape. A clean, smooth hammer face is essential for correct voicing. In fact, the hammer is responsible for up to 60% of a piano's tone colour.

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