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We are always interested in buying used upright and grand pianos and will pay premium prices for the following brands of piano in any condition, these pianos are put through our piano restoration process and presented as fully restored grand pianos, beginner pianos, or upright pianos.

We Buy Pianos


Most sought after are finely made German Pianos, and English Pianos made by the finest German and English Piano companies.

Whatever the brand of piano you would like to sell, please call us on 0800 032 9919. We will need to see photos of the outside of the cabinet and also the internal strings and hammers of the piano. These photos can be emailed across to us at We will not be able to assess the condition of the piano without photos.

Check the brands which we're interested:

Atlas, August Forster, Berdux, Bechstein, BosendorFer, Bluthner, 
Broadwood, Carl Mand, Chappell, Chickering, Euterpe, Erard
Feurich, Gaveau, Grotrian-Steinweg, 
Ibach, Irmler, Kawai, Kamble
May, Perzina, Petrof, Pfeiffer, 
Pleyel, Sauter, Samick, Seiler, Schimmel,
Schulze Pollman, Steingraeber, Steinway, Toyo, Thurmer, Welmar
Wilh Steinberg, Yamaha, Young Chang, Zimmermann.

Used pianos as part exchange

You can also use your piano as a trade in on any of our pianos for sale 

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