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Perzina Pianos - History

Perzina Pianos - History


Perzina started their roots in Germany in the year 1871. They had a high level of success leading up to the Second World War. In fact, Perzina was at one point in time the largest manufacturer of pianos in Germany. Unfortunately, their success was greatly diminished upon the construction of the Berlin Wall. 

Thankfully, the wall eventually fell and after Germany was reunited, a renowned businessman from Amsterdam - Richard Bol - blessed the world of music with the revival of such a loved piano company, allowing Perzina to once again inspire people across the world with harmony and melody to this day.

There were challenges to overcome - for example Mr Bol found it extremely difficult to expand the Perzina factory due to multiple issues such as economics and space limitation. As a result, Richard Bol began blending European piano manufacturing with Asian piano manufacturing. The results were of high standards thanks to top-tier quality control, use of the finest materials and high levels of craftsmanship.


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