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Perzina Piano Models

Here are some Perzina piano models and some brief descriptions. Please note that the pianos below are for description and information purposes only. We may not necessarily have all of the below pianos in stock.

Upright Pianos

UP-112 Kompact

Perzina UP122 Compact

Perzina designed this compact studio-sized upright piano to have the sound of a much larger piano. With a deep bass and a clear top-range, this fantastic piano is perfect for the pianist looking for a large sound in a place where space is limited.

UP-115 Merit

Perzina UP115 Merit

The UP-115 Merit has been designed specially for the modern urban environment. It is affordable yet much larger than the Kompact. Designed using the finest materials, it has a clear, warm sound and an exceptional action.


UP-122 Konsumat

Perzina UP-122 Konsumat

Perzina's UP-122 Konsumat is one of Perzina's most popular models due to its price, value, performance and musicality. The 122 has a resonating tone and voice. This piano has also been made using the finest materials - including the finest maple, hornbeam, Austrian white spruce and also has the longest bass string of any 122cm piano in production.


UP-129 Kapitol

Perzina UP-129 Kapitol

Perzina's UP-129 is often regarded by pianists as the peak of musical pleasure. With a full, enriched tone across the bass and throughout the treble as well as a phenomenal voice, this piano is often described as sounding like a top-quality grand.


UP-130 Konzert

Perzina UP-130 Konzert

Perzina's UP-130 Konzert upright piano is an extremely unique upright with a massive size that is perfect for concerts and performances. Thanks to such a large size, this piano has a voice and tone of pure grace and magnificence. The bass is much like that of the UP-129, although with a much stronger sustain and a richer colour. A perfect upright made to mimic the sound and power of a grand!


DL-122 Balmoral

Perzina DL-122 Balmoral

The Perzina DL-122 Balmoral is a unique upright that is a favourite amongst collectors. The DL-122 is very similar to the UP-122 but with a more exotic finish that glows with luxury. This finish is made from African Waterfall Bubinga - a rare, expensive wood that only a few of the world's leading piano makers use. Get a more majestic finish with the Perzina DL-122.


DL-127 Europa

Perzina DL-127 Europa

The Perzina DL-127 Europa - an exemplar of modern European piano design at its best. The cabinetry is deluxe and sharp and the action has been meticulously handcrafted  for perfect playability. Additionally, the hammers and bass strings have been greatly upgraded for added resonance and sound quality.


Grand Pianos

GP-152 Prysm

GP-152 Prysm

The 152 Prysm is an exceptional baby grand piano and is loved by pianists worldwide. Playing on this piano, one would not expect it to be a "baby grand" piano due to its strong sound and a bass that is deeper than that of most baby grand pianos. This baby grand truly is perfect for those looking for a small size but also a gigantic sound.


GP-160 Sylvr

GP-160 Sylvr
This grand stands on the line that separates baby grand pianos and studio grand pianos. Perzina has managed to design the GP-160 so that it can benefit from both worlds - baby grand and studio grands. This means it can fit in a smaller space yet provide a full, majestic sound that will amaze and surprise people who mistake this piano for a far larger grand.

GP-175 Granit

Perzina GP-175 Granit

The GP-175 is one of Perzina's masterpiece pianos. It will satisfy the vast majority of pianists and is an extremely popular choice when it comes to choosing a grand piano to impress. With a resounding tone and voice throughout the entire tonal register, this truly is a marvellous musical instrument with fantastic musicality and playability.


GP-187 Royal

Perzina GP-187 Royal

The GP-187 is the apex musical instrument that will bring graceful music and elegance into your home. With an American-style bass response and a Western-European clarity, this piano is an exceptional grand piano that will breathe life into your household through its immense grace and sound.


DL-152 Queen Anne

DL-152 Queen Anne

This Perzina grand is extremely similar to the GP-152 Prysm except for its wonderful aesthetics. It's comfortable, light and compact design is based on a style named after Queen Anne of Britain, used frequently during and after her reign. The cabriole legs, curved lyre and overall splendour of the cabinetry make this grand a master of appearance!


DL-175 Empire Bubinga

DL-175 Empire Bubinga

This spectacle of a grand piano is another alternative style of grand piano offered by Perzina, this time to replace the usual cabinetry of the GP-175 Granit. This piano combines brilliant, expensive woods and the top-quality craftsmanship. Finished in a golden Waterfall Bubinga veneer, this grand piano is aesthetically superior to the vast majority of similar pianos. This piano excels in the furniture world as well as the world of music.