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Get in touch with us using this contact form and we'll deal with the rest. Alternatively, you can contact us at or you can call us via telephone. Our phone number is 0800 032 9919.

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Selling a Piano

  • Brand (e.g. Yamaha, Steingraeber & Sohn, Kemble)
  • Type of piano i.e. grand or upright?
  • Height, width and depth (in cm)
  • Any stairs or restrictions involved with the collection (if yes, supply photos)
  • Your full name, address of where piano is located and telephone number

Enquiries on Purchasing a Piano / Product

  • The piano / product you would like to buy
  • Any questions or queries about the piano / product
  • Your email and telephone number

Piano Storage

  • The type of piano (grand or upright?)
  • Height, width and depth of your piano (in cm)
  • Collection address postcode?
  • Delivery address postcode (if known)
  • Are there any stairs or restrictions involved with the collection or delivery (if yes, supply photos)

Piano Restoration

  • Postcode of where the piano is located
  • Contact details
  • Brief description of what you are looking for (please be aware that quotes for repairs, other than cosmetic work, cannot be diagnosed without seeing the piano in person)

Piano Tuning

  • Postcode of where the piano is located
  • Type of piano i.e. upright or grand? (If a specialised type of piano, please specify e.g. drop action)

Piano Hire

  •  Which type of piano would you like to hire (i.e. upright or grand)
  • Colour preference
  • Address of the venue
  • Dates required
  • Any stages or stairs involved in the delivery?

Piano Removal / Transport

  • Type of piano (i.e. upright or grand)
  • Height, width and depth of the piano (in cm)
  • Postcode for collection and delivery address
  • Any stairs or restrictions involved? If yes, please supply photos of both the piano and the stairs / restriction

We will need your name, email and telephone number so we can contact you easily. Note that no spaces are needed in the phone number line.