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All the production and assembly of Petrof upright and grand pianos is held in PETROF factory in the Czech Republic, an acclaimed way of making pianos now that most factories use China for production.

The Actions within Petrof uprights are either Petrof's own piano action or a mix of Petrof Renner action. They are quick and responsive and that enables good control. Spruce soundboard, carefully shaped to provide the finest tone and environment resistant.

Keys are produced from the finest spruce wood and have white and black acrylic keytops. The keys are carefully balanced to ensure pianists enjoy playing. Pedals are made from solid brass, produced in the Czech Republic.

The upright piano is equipped with 3 pedals: the right (forte pedal) lifts the dampers, left (piano pedal) draws the hammers near to the strings, the middle controls the practice rail.

Petrof pianos utilize Abel or Renner hammers made in Germany with walnut or hornbeam mouldings and hornbeam hammer shanks. Both companies are the worlds best, and ensure that the Petrof can keep its unique sound.

Petrof Pianos


Petrof also ensure that their action is unique, with the wippen rail and hammer rail being made from aluminium and the action parts from hornbeam wood. This produces a fast and reliable action that is a pleasure to play. The steel wire of treble strings and steel core of wrapped strings are made by Röslau Germany, and Mapes USA. The copper wire for winding is made by Degen Germany.

Tuning a Petrof piano is made smooth by the pin block being highly resistant to climatic changes, providing stable torque of tuning pins and high tuning stability. The soundboard is made from Spruce sourced from Europe and provides a rich acoustic performance. 

Each Petrof Grand Piano has a solid rim. This ensures long term tuning stability and regulation stability. A firm rim supports the proper crown of the sound board, which produces the famous Petrof tone. The Petrof frame consists of 3 longitudinal spruce posts. The joints of the posts and rim are dove tailed and doweled with beech hardwood dowels. This ensures that the instrument can move with the humidity and will not crack.

Even the details such as the legs are thought of. A strong leg construction ensures piano stability so that the instrument can be played dynamically. Polished solid brass is used for all the features of the Petrof grand piano and the frame is embossed with the Petrof logo.


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