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Why we should hire professional piano moving service

Piano movers

1. Your piano matters

Pianos, as we know, are finely tuned instruments with delicate strings and hammers that can be ruined easily if transported improperly. Moving your piano yourself is not the best way to ensure it is done safely. Pianos are extremely heavy, they can weight from 350-1000 pounds. And their finishes can easily get scratched, dented and nicked.

2. Hidden costs

Professionally trained movers have the right tools and equipments such as skids or hoist, the necessary skills and they are always insured. Think of the worth of your piano and the costs associated when it needs extensive repair or in the worst case scenario you need to purchase a new instrument.

The process of transporting your piano actually comes with a lot of responsibility for not only the safety of yourself and the movers helping you, but for the piano itself and its value. Maybe you hope you will save money but if your piano gets damaged, you will end up spending a fortune on the repair that could have been avoided.

3. Save your home

Piano moving service

Professional piano removals requires planning, a safe pair of trusted hands, plus an assurance that the task would be carried out safely, in a prompt and expeditious manner, without damage to the instrument or the properties it is being moved to and from. For those tight corners within a house, narrow hallways, or on the rare occasions when the piano is on the top floors, special tools such as forklifts and cranes may need to be employed, and the level of noise within the surrounding neighbourhoods would need to be minimised.

4. Piece of mind

Professionals have the experience to get the job done safely and efficiently, so when getting their assistance, you not only pay for the service but for the convenience, safety and piece of mind that comes with it.


With over 30 years of piano removal experienceShackleford Pianos can offer you a truly dedicated expert piano removal service. We offer fully insured specialist upright and grand piano removals.

We built our own piano transport company, The Expert Piano Removal Company, because we realised how stressful it was getting other companies to move our instruments. As such we believe that having your piano moved should be stress free and we will ensure the safety of your piano throughout its journey.