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A Guide to Different Piano Benches

It is true that buying an instrument especially a good quality piano will cost you good amount and there leaves you with less budget for purchase of other necessary accessories to go with your piano. Many of the pianists usually try to cut down cost when thinking about buying a bench for their piano and may opt for a low quality average piano bench. Though if you are really serious about playing piano, you should invest and buy a good piano bench that would not only make playing piano easier for you but would save you from common injuries that usually occur while playing piano because of bad posture and other issues.
A Guide to Different Piano Benches

Importance of a Good Piano Bench:

Buying a piano bench of good quality is important because whether you are an expert performer or a beginner learning to play piano; you will be spending a lot of time over this instrument for practices. Thus comfortable bench would ensure complete comfort for these performances. Though when it comes to buying a bench, it wouldn’t cost you much and you can find some affordable choices too.

Considerations for choosing a Particular Bench Style:

When selecting a particular style and type of piano bench, here are some factors that you should take in to account in order to make right choice:

  • Comfortable padding.
  • Options for adjustment of height.
  • Style and finish to match piano.
  • Storage space.
  • Reach

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to make a choice that would not only be comfortable but would give you added ease of playing piano and would complement elegance of your instrument.

Different Piano Benches:

Buying a piano bench is not a complicated task, you just need to keep an eye on quality, comfort and your preference. A piano bench should be such that it lasts long and enables you to comfortably practice for long hours. When you look for a piano bench, you will find some that are adjustable (preferred choice) while others would be non-adjustable. Here are some popular ones:

1. Adjustable Artist Piano Bench:

These are the most preferred choice for professional pianists. These benches include knobs at the sides that enables pianists to adjust the seat according to their height. So it is best choice when you have people of varied age in your home using piano especially children. They are well padded and thus you can comfortably practice with correct posture maintained so gaining without any strain. Most of these artist piano benches have storage under the seat too. If you prefer a high quality durable accessory, you should opt for a leather padded artist bench because it would be breathable, thick and would further enhance beauty of your piano.

Some of the artist piano benches are designed with more elegance and style specifically for use in concerts by professional musicians. They tend to be a little more expensive but they are most comfortable in feel and stylish in look.

Moreover these adjustable units can be purchased for duet piano practicing and lessons too.You can find some good quality adjustable duet piano benches with dual adjustment feature that gives each of the piano player freedom to adjust height according to their own convenience.

2. Adjustable Piano Stool:

Next comes the adjustable piano stools that also offer you a comfortable padded seating with height adjustment feature but these are proposed to be more suitable for low profile seating. Thus it may be more suitable for children who are learning to play piano. Though you can find both leather and vinyl topped stools but they may not be as comfortable as an adjustable bench.

3. Wooden Piano Bench:

These piano benches offer impressive finish that would match your piano well and not only that but it would further complement its beauty. These benches are durable and even after years of use you can easily refurbish them to appear like you have just bought them. A wooden piano bench can also have a leather or vinyl top depending upon your budget and preference. These are most suitable for families who have kids taking piano lessons along with adults using this instrument. But one drawback with these piano benches is that are not adjustable. So you have to adjust with a stationary height and thus could not change to make it perfect for ease of playing.


4. Upholstered Piano Bench:

These piano benches are stylish and comfortable however the finish could not match that of the wooden one for a grand piano. But these pianos are padded and thus for prolonged practice they are quite good choice. They are padded either with foam or vinyl which is why their cost is lower than other leather and wooden benches.

5. Foldable Bench:

Apart from all the different types, foldable piano benches are easy to carry and store due to their light weight and folding feature. Thus they are more preferred for on stage performances and even in homes where space is confined. Mostly these benches are seen to be used with digital pianos and keyboards.


All the pianists irrespective of their level are aware of importance of maintaining a good posture and thus it is important to choose a piano bench that would help you in maintaining that perfect posture with ease of playing piano. A good piano bench may cost you somewhere around £100 to £250 and some may be even more expensive. So set your budget and preference and choose a premium quality piano bench that proves most suitable for all the users of piano in your house.