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 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System
 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System
 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System
 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System
 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System

 - SOLD - Yamaha GH1B Disc IQ System

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Yamaha GH1B Baby Grand Piano Disc IQ System is fully made in Japan and meets the high standards that the Made in Japan range of Yamaha pianos has become famous for. 

Yamaha GH1B is a small grand piano that produces very high standards of sound and performance. This particular used piano Yamaha GH1B has been retro fitted with the Piano Disc IQ Intelligent Player system. PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ allows you to control your piano with today’s latest music playback technology such as the iDevices, Android Devices, MP3 players, and other music playback devices. And with PianoDisc’s elegant SilentDriveHD that plays your piano, the system will deliver a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels.

iQ makes operating a PianoDisc player system easier than ever before because you can operate it from something you are familiar with. Simply play, pause, stop or even adjust the volume, as you normally would, and the piano will respond. As a bonus, the fact that almost any music playback device will work with iQ means that you’ll always be able to use the latest music playback gear to control your piano. Think of it as built-in insurance on your investment. iQ gives you the flexibility to enjoy a truly invisible system, with no visible electronics mounted on the piano. (Not all configurations are “invisible”. Your choice of music player will affect whether it is seen or needs to be mounted on the piano.) With iQ, you’ll enjoy piano performances created by the world’s finest pianists. With one of the largest music libraries in the world, titles in every category from classical to rock, and literally thousands of songs to choose from, PianoDisc is sure to have all your favorites. iQ can even play your piano via DVD players, so you can enjoy watching pianists play your piano live via a PianoVideo. These exciting DVDs deliver Standard or High Definition Blu-ray video and live piano performances. With PianoVideos you’ll enjoy original performances made by terrific jazz, pop and New Age players, classical virtuosos, wonderful instrumental groups and fantastic vocalists. With brilliant images on the screen and live piano performances, iQ and PianoVideos will give you a private concert in the comfort of your home.

The Yamaha GH1B is the smallest grand piano that Yamaha in the G series makes - but in no way does this piano produce anything that can be considered small! The tone of the piano is magnificent, with a deep and sonorous bass section that progresses through to a bright and singing treble section. The resonance is superb, you will think you are playing a far bigger piano when playing this baby sized grand piano.

This Yamaha GH1B grand piano hosts a number of amazing features -

  • Top section of the piano is strung using duplex scaling
  • Bass and middle sections are strung using full agraffe systems
  • Playing action is fitted with Yamaha playing action
  • Soft close fall board
  • 4 position music desk
  • 2 position music lid prop
  • Piano is fitted with middle sustenuto pedal
  • Piano fitted with Piano Disc IQ system


        Piano Dimensions - Length: 159cm / Width: 148cm / Height: 102cm


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