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Steinway & Sons Used Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Used Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Used Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Used Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model M
Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model M Keyboard
Steinway & Sons Grand Piano Model M frame

Steinway Model M

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This is a stunning flame mahogany model M Steinway & Sons Grand Piano. A true piece of musical mastery.

The Steinway Model M offers the same fine tone qualities as Steinway's larger grand pianos, but is ideally suited to the home environment where rooms have more modest proportions. As with the larger Steinway pianos, the Model M reflects Steinway's commitment to excellence is without compromise.

The Steinway Model M has all of the characteristics for which Steinway pianos are renowned - volume, richness and clarity of tone and an action with technical perfection and resilience that will satisfy the most demanding of musicians.

Piano Measurements - Length 170cm  |  Width 147cm

Steinway & Sons still build their pianos with dedication to detail. Each Steinway grand piano, for example, takes nearly a year to create. Even the carefully selected woods employed in the rims, tops, soundboards, and actions cure for months until they estabilize at a rigidly specified moisture content.

Steinway & Sons are dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world. The result is instruments of unsurpassed quality. Pianos with such superior sound and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding pianists. They are preferred overwhelmingly by people who share the joy of playing and owning the finest musical instrument - a joy which can be yours when you bring a Steinway into your life.

A Steinway & Sons grand piano is the pinnacle of the piano world. If you can afford one then this is the piano to have

  • Fine cabinetry
  • Beautiful tone and voice
  • Responsive action
  • Free delivery ground floor UK and discount delivery worldwide


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Come in and play this or any of the other pianos in our complete piano range, we have pianos for all budgets and playing standards. Bring some sheet music and take your time to choose a piano that is perfect for you. 


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