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Steingraeber & Sohne 122 T Upright Piano
Steingraeber & Sohne 122 T Upright

Steingraeber & Sohne 122 T SFM Upright

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The Steingraeber & Sohne 122 T SFM Upright Piano is a classic with an extraordinarily full sound. This is due to its special design which includes an additional, sympathetically-vibrating soundboard that delivers an extra ‘boost’ for attacks at forte level and above.

The basic models are:

Additional options include, for example, a muffler pedal.

It can be seen on stage at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, the Malmö Opera House, La Scala in Milan, and in use at many music universities.

All Steingraeber & Sohne pianos are handcrafted in Bayreuth, Bavaria using the time-honoured tradition of piano building and are among the finest instruments produced by an elite group of manufacturers.

Steingraeber & Sohne adhere to piano making principles that see their pianos deliver the finest quality in sound touch and appearance. Acoustics, statics, cabinetry, and action mechanism - these are all components of Classic piano building that views ALL components as sound sources and, without exception, uses natural, resonating materials that require custom adjustment and precision work.

This is where the ability to tailor or modify the sound of a Steingraber comes from. This extends to the Steingraeber action mechanism and pedals, which are built with a view to perceptible resonating energy, like an extension of the human body.

Piano Dimensions - Height: 120cm  |  Width: 147cm  |  Depth: 57cm

Come in and play this or any of the other pianos in our complete piano range, we have pianos for all budgets and playing standards. Bring some sheet music and take your time to choose a piano that is perfect for you.

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