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Blüthner D Used Upright Piano
Blüthner D Upright Piano
Blüthner D Used Upright
Blüthner D Upright
Blüthner D Second Hand Upright Piano
Blüthner Upright Piano

Blüthner D Upright in Mahogany

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Blüthner Model D Upright Piano in high gloss mahogany finish.

This piano has a new retail price of £14,995, the Blüthner Model D is widely recognised as the pianists choice for a professional standard of upright piano to fit into a smaller space or environment that will not accommodate a large sized upright piano.  An achievement in technical and musical perfection, the Bluthner Model D offers the rich tonal colour and dynamic range beloved by Blüthner owners in a perfect match for your home or practice room.

The Bluthner model D is one of the best studio sized upright pianos ever produced, it is referred to as being a studio sized piano due to it's smaller stature, it is fitted throughout the string system with agraffes -a component that promotes longer sustain and resonance, this small piano is built with no compromise on tonal quality or volume. This model of Bluthner will satisfy the most discerning of pianists, it is powerful, yet can be played delicately, the touch is responsive, accurate, and immediate. The piano tonal registers are distinct and sublime, the piano bass is deep and resonant, the middle meets this with clarity and durability, and the treble tops this off with distinction and resilience.

This Blüthner Model D Upright Piano is an used upright piano.

Bluthner are the pinnacle of piano making. These fine instruments are formed by masters craftsmen’s hands are the best money can buy and deliver a wealth of luxurious details. Throughout the company’s history, Bluthner have been famous for their brand-specific characteristics that empower players to express themselves freely.

The piano is finished in mahogany high gloss and is as beautiful a musical instrument as it is a piece of furniture.

Features found in this Bluthner Model D

  • fully hand made in Germany
  • made of the finest parts and materials
  • Renner Action
  • Full agraffed stringing system
  • Hard wearing high gloss mahogany finish


    Piano Dimensions -  Height 112cm  |  Width 145cm  |  Depth 56cm


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