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Bechstein Model M Grand Piano
Bechstein Model M Black Grand Piano
Bechstein Model M Grand Piano Black Finish
Bechstein Used Grand Piano
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Bechstein Model M Black Grand Piano
Bechstein Model M Restored Grand Piano

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We've fully restored this Bechstein model M Grand Piano. This Bechstein Model M used and restored grand piano is a perfect example of how beautiful a Bechstein piano can be. 

All piano action parts and strings are the finest available German parts that have been reproduced to Bechstein's original specifications so this piano looks, sounds and plays like it did when it was originally made.

The piano ebony case has been highly polished to present this beautiful instrument as a spectacular furniture piece as well as a highly desirable musical instrument - it will easily be the centre piece of any environment it is placed in. The sound of this piano is beautiful and warm yet vibrant- as a Bechstein should be, it has an incredible dynamic range, and the the touch is immediate and responsive, very easy to control.

The Bechstein Model M Grand Piano replaced the famous and popular Bechstein Model A - but unlike the Model A which is made with 85 notes, the model M was produced with 88 notes.  At 180cm long this is a perfect grand piano for a pianist who is looking for a robust, and resonant sound, with all the quality and charm that can be expected from a beautifully crafted piano from on of the world leading piano makers.

Bechstein piano are always high on the list when considering the worlds finest piano makers. The pianos are hand made in Germany, and made by the finest artisans using the finest materials - resulting in pianos of the highest standards in all aspects of the instrument. Bechstein pianos are always beautifully toned, have superb volume balance between the registers, and have actions that offer faultless repetition, accuracy, and sensitivity. 


    Piano Dimensions - Length: 180cm  | Width: 150cm  


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