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Steingraeber & Söhne Piano Models

Grand Pianos

Concert Grand Model E-272


Steingraeber Concert Grand E-272


The Concert Grand E-272 is an outstanding grand piano that Steingraeber has perfected over the years. This Steingraeber grand piano is extremely popular and is used by pianists across the globe. Renowned for its unbeatable sound, this Steingraeber concert grand piano creates a voluminous voice that truly resonates with the audience.

Steingraeber & Söhne has added many unique characteristics to this grand piano, including the sound-reflecting rim, the star-shaped braces and a superior action that provides maximum musical enjoyment.


Length - 275cm

Width - 157cm


Semi-Concert Grand Model D-232

 Steingraeber D-232 Semi-Concert Grand Piano


Looking for a sound that resonates? Look no further than Steingraeber's D-232 concert grand piano. The D-232 is a more compact version of the E-272. Being slightly smaller in size compared to its big brother, this grand piano has been handcrafted by Steingraeber's experts to be more suitable in medium-sized concert halls and is the perfect option for solos and chamber concerts.

Steingraeber has also included many special features in the D-232 semi-concert grand piano. With a sound-reflecting rim, precisely delineated soundboard and capo d-astro (which extends to 46 notes beyond the centre of the keys), Steingraeber presents you with one of the most wonderful semi-concert grand pianos you will ever play or hear.

Steingraeber has also crafted this piano with dynamic range in mind - the D-232 can play both extremely quietly and  extremely loud. The D-232 semi-concert grand piano is surely one of Steingraeber's most impressive achievements.


Length - 232cm

With - 157cm


Chamber Music Grand Piano Model C-212

Steingraeber Chamber Music Grand Piano Model C-212


Steingraeber's C-212 chamber music grand piano is renowned for its top-tier tone, voice and action. Steingraeber's C-212 is extra-special in that it descends from the famous Model 200 "Liszt" that Steingraeber delivered to the piano virtuoso himself all the way back in 1873. After many years of delivering the best quality sound into pianists' homes, Steingraeber & Söhne's C-212 is a combination of flawless tradition and modern day technology and technique that brings you the best sound and performance possible.

Steingraeber has included many unique features in this grand piano, such as  the sound bridges in the treble, enhancing its majestic tone. The lower bass is also truncated, making it more transparent to listen to. As a result, pianists across the globe have always shown fascination and pleasure when listening or playing Steingraeber's C-212.


Length - 213cm

Width - 155cm


Salon Grand Piano Model B-192


Steingraeber Salon Grand Piano Model B-192


Steingraeber unveiled the B-192 in the 2011 Liszt anniversary year. It is a smaller sibling of Steingraeber's C-212, with identical actions and similar construction. Upon the creation of this extraordinary salon grand piano, Steingraeber exceeded standards to create a grand piano with the perfect tone and voice.

Steingraeber & Söhne also included many special features to ensure that this piano delivered the best performance and playability possible. Steingraeber used long bass strings for a stronger, resonant sound, a bridge without an auxiliary bridge to provide the soundboard with wider amplitude and treble back strings using a triad sound principle, giving the grand a deep, rich treble. The B-192 is a marvellous salon grand piano by Steingraeber and is favoured by many throughout the world.


Length - 193cm

Width - 154cm


Salon Grand Piano Model A-170

Steingraeber Salon Grand Piano Model A-170


Steingraeber began the construction of this salon grand a long time ago - the ancestors of this piano root all the way back to the year 1905. Steingraeber's      A-170 is known for its compact design and its massive voice. The A-170 is one of Steingraeber's greatest achievements to date, winning such awards as "Best In Its Class" in Le Monde de la Musique - the French trade classical music magazine - who praise is as a piano with a voice that is much more vast than its size. Truly one of Steingraeber's most popular grand pianos!

Steingraeber has added many special features to this piano to ensure the pianist receives the best musical experience on offer. The wide shape of Steingraeber's A-170 salon grand piano allows for longer bass strings, allowing for a more colourful, impressive sound. Steingraeber also uses a bridge that completely dispenses with the usual cantilever suspension bridge, which often results in smaller grand pianos lacking upper partials. As a result, there is a quicker, more direct transmission of sound into the soundboard.


Length - 170cm

Width - 153cm


Upright Pianos


Concert Upright 138 K


Steingraeber Concert Upright Piano Model 138K

The 138K, another spectacle by Steingraeber, is a stunning concert upright piano that is described in the French music magazine Le Monde de la Musique as the world's best. Steingraeber's high standards of craftsmanship give this piano a phenomenal sound and playability. Steingraeber also uses their very own classic Steingraeber action. Alternatively, the "Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet" action can also be fitted - an action which can be easily compared to a grand piano action. Steingraeber also provides enhanced chamber music damping for the single-string sections and can also include it in the bi-chord sections.


Height - 138cm

Width - 152cm

Depth - 66cm

Profi-Piano 130T Concert Upright Piano

Steingraeber 130 T Concert Upright Piano


The 130 T upright piano is Steingraeber's upright masterpiece. The Steingraeber 130 T concert upright piano is the most successful upright piano to have been released by Steingraeber & Söhne in over 90 years. Enjoyed by pianists from every corner of the globe, Steingraeber's 130 T is renowned for its brilliance in both sound and performance. Steingraeber & Söhne has also added many unique features to this model of upright piano. For instance, the piano can be fitted with a "Pro Studio" action (perfect for those who want swiftness and a sustain pedal) or the "Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet" which delivers repetition at a low point of the key-dip - easily comparable to a grand piano.


Height - 130cm

Width - 148cm

Depth - 63cm


Upright Piano Model 122 T


Steingraeber 122T Upright Piano

The 122 T is another magnificent upright Piano by Steingraeber, with an encapsulating sound and high standards of playability. The Steingraeber 122 T is very popular piano among concert house pianos. The secret behind the astonishing tone and voice lies within Steingraeber's special design - a resonating secondary soundboard that boosts the piano with extra sound volume when played loudly. Steingraeber's 122 T upright piano is equipped with a superb Steingraeber action, but it can also be treated to a "Steingraeber-Ferro-Magnet" action for even better performance. Steingraeber has also created an "Opera" model, made in collaboration with the Bayreuth Festival. This model features LED lighting, perforated sound panels and an integrated score desk.


Height - 122cm

Width - 148cm

Depth - 60cm