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Blüthner Antique Style 1A Upright Piano in Flame Mahogany Cabinetry
Blüthner Antique Style 1A Upright Piano in Flame Mahogany Cabinetry
Blüthner Antique Style 1A Upright Piano in Flame Mahogany Cabinetry
Blüthner Antique Style 1A Upright Piano in Flame Mahogany Cabinetry

Blüthner Antique Style 1A Upright Piano in Flame Mahogany Cabinetry

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Blüthner Style 1A upright piano in flame mahogany finish.

This is a rare opportunity to own a Blüthner Style 1A upright piano at a very affordable price. We would recommend this piano as a professional level piano able to accommodate any music in the piano repertoire. The Blüthner Style1A is seen by many as the pianists choice for a professional upright piano.  An achievement in technical and musical perfection, the Style 1A offers the rich tonal colour and dynamic range beloved by Blüthner owners in a perfect match for your home or practice room.

This piano has been reconditioned using authentic parts and materials to give the piano the character and ambience of a piano made in the golden period of piano making. The serial number of the piano is 124100, dating it at around 1938

The Blüthner Style 1A is one of Blüthner's top upright piano models due to its large sound and performance capabilities. This model of Blüthner will satisfy the most discerning of pianists, it is powerful, yet can be played delicately, the touch is responsive, accurate, and immediate. The tonal registers are distinct and sublime, the bass is deep and resonant, the middle meets this with clarity and durability, and the treble tops this off with distinction and resilience. The action, made using the finest materials and craftsmanship, gives the piano excellent playability that allows for easy playing and maximum satisfaction and control over the music.

Blüthner are the pinnacle of piano making. These fine instruments are formed by masters craftsmen’s hands are the best money can buy and deliver a wealth of luxurious details. Throughout the company’s history, Blüthner have been famous for their brand-specific characteristics that empower players to express themselves freely.

The piano is finished in flame mahogany and is as beautiful a piece of furniture as it is a musical instrument.

Key features of this Blüthner Style 1A upright piano -

  • Fully hand made in Germany
  • Resplendent flame mahogany
  • Made using the finest parts and materials
  • Beautiful tone and voice
  • Flame mahogany cabinet with carved architectural features
  • Soft and sustain pedal
  • Responsive, accurate action made from finest materials
  • Excellent German piano artisanship
  • Antique dating to 1938
  • Fully refurbished
  • Free delivery ground floor UK and discount delivery worldwide (subject to location)


    Piano Dimensions -  Height: 124cm  |  Width: 147.5cm  |  Depth: 62cm


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