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Bechstein Upright Piano in Rosewood Cabinetry
Bechstein Upright Piano in Rosewood Cabinetry
Bechstein Upright Piano in Rosewood Cabinetry
Bechstein Upright Piano in Rosewood Cabinetry

Bechstein Upright Piano in Rosewood Cabinetry

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This Bechstein upright piano is a beautifully made piano with beautiful clear and resonant tonality and it will easily take a student well beyond the grade five level.

This piano has been made by Bechstein who was a very good German piano maker, the piano is a design which was for melodic longevity, musicality, and with an attractive cabinet design that is well made and aesthetically pleasing to look at. We have found Bechstein pianos to be easy to work on and as a result the piano will always play well and respond to any adjustments we may have to perform, and in return the piano is always very nice to play.  

Using the finest materials and masterful piano craftsmanship, this piano a crystal tone and a voice of pure brilliance. The action has also been well-made and provides excellent playability.

This piano also has an exquisite rosewood cabinet that looks fantastic in any environment. It is also partially oak in some places on the cabinet, particularly on the front panel, making it even more unique and a superb piece of furniture.

    Piano Dimensions - Height: 130cm / Width: 141cm / Depth: 60.5cm

    Features found in the Bechstein upright piano

    • Attractive design
    • Artisan made soundboard for beautiful tone production
    • Top-class playing action
    • Gorgeous rosewood and oak cabinetry
    • Made in Germany by artisans using the finest available materials
    • Soft and sustain pedal
    • Brilliant tone and voice
    • Smooth touch
    • Dates from around 1912 - 1913
    • Full 5 year warranty
    • Free delivery ground floor UK including London
    • Free delivery ground floor UK and discount delivery worldwide (subject to location)


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