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Collection: Steinway & Sons ArtCase Concert Grand Piano

This is a stunning Classical Rosewood, Art-Case Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano. A true piece of musical history. For the right buyer it is an absolute treasure.

This beautiful Art Case Concert Grand Piano Steinway & Sons will be restored to sale, but you can buy it before start the restoration process and customize or decide on the restoration work process.




Steinway & Sons still build their pianos with dedication to detail. Each Steinway grand piano, for example, takes nearly a year to create. Even the carefully selected woods employed in the rims, tops, soundboards, and actions cure for months until they estabilize at a rigidly specified moisture content.

Steinway & Sons are dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world. The result is instruments renowned for their unsurpassed quality. Pianos with such superior sound and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding pianists. They are preferred overwhelmingly by people who share the joy of playing and owning the finest musical instrument - a joy which can be yours when you bring a Steinway into your life.

A Steinway & Sons grand piano is the pinnacle of the piano world. If you can afford one then this is the piano to have

Come right now and Enjoy it!! 

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  • STEINWAY & SONS Model O Grand Piano In Satin East Indian Rosewood Finish
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