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Schulze Pollmann History   Schulze Pollmann Technical Aspects    

What do you get when you mix German tradition and heritage with Italian flamboyance and styling? (Sounds like a very bad joke coming..) No joking - you get Schulze Pollmann pianos, one of the finest makes of piano in the world today. 

The Schulze Pollmann range of pianos are exquisite to view, the response of touch is immediate and accurate with a sensitivity only the greatest of piano makers have been able to master, and the clarity and balance.

The remarkable dexterity of tone that is produced by a Schulze Pollmann Piano is largely in part to the exclusive methods Schuze Pollmann has devised to produce its soundboards. Schulze Pollmann have pioneered modern soundboard making using science, mathematics and engineering to analyse and construct some of the finest soundboards on today’s piano market.

Schulze Pollmann produce some of the finest pianos available today by combining the use of the latest technology with the finest of traditional piano making craftsmanship. They are a company never to rest on their laurels and are constantly looking for ways to further improve the already extremely high quality found in their range of pianos. 

Schulze Pollmann Pianos Manufacturing Process

Schulze Pollmann Pianos Manufacturing

All Schulze Pollmann pianos are made using only the finest parts and materials. These include the use of full Renner Actions, Ciresa soundboard materials, Roslau music wire, and Delignit timbers in the tuning pin block and bridges.

Schulze Pollmann pianos are finished to a technically brilliant level with the touch and tone adjusted by the finest of piano craftsmen. Each note of a Schulze Pollmann action is positioned and adjusted to achieve a perfect level of balance of leverage and touch sensitivity.

The fine tonal balance that has become synonymous with Schulze Pollmann pianos has been achieved by the careful and accurate adjustment of each individual hammer as to deliver an exceptionally rich and mellow sound with and extended envelope of ambient persistency, remarkable sound dynamics, and an ample range of volume and expression.

Commissions have included creating a Grand piano for Ferrari, matching the red colour of their racing cars. This piano is a testimonial of Italian craftmanship at Ferrari. Schulze Pollmann's technical expert in painting have done their upmost to replicate on a wooden surface, the same finish that has only been achieved on a metal surface.

The construction of Schulze Pollmann pianos enable their pianos to have a remarkable range of sound dynamics, so all pianists can express themselves with ease and precision. The action and keyboard are adjusted and positioned to provide a perfect balance of leverages. Highly accurate fine adjustments and settings give a firm and consistently sensitive touch, which following the great piano making traditions of Schulze Pollmann is perfect for every style of music.

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