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About Schimmel Upright Pianos

The pursuit of perfection is the aim of all German piano manufacturers. A 300 year old tradition of piano making, combined with a national work ethic that seeks only to produce quality, sees every German piano manufacturer producing the highest standard of pianos. From the beginning of the manufacturing process, all materials used are of premium quality, and the transformation from raw material to piano is painstakingly carried out by highly skilled craftsmen who show absolute pride in what they do. It is this reason why German pianos are simply the best pianos on earth as are Schimmel pianos.

schimmel upright piano

I am often asked why German, Austrian or Italian pianos cost more than pianos from China or Japan. The simple answer is that they are far better pianos. And as with most things, you really do get what you pay for.

The periodical Le Monde de la Musique* describes the piano K 122 Elegance as follows: "The excellent action with its well-adjusted and not over-heavy after touch point immediately generates a seldom experienced degree of confidence. The most favourable aspect is however undoubtedly the very fine structure of the tonal balance which comes into its own through the outstanding controllable dynamic level and which transforms the piano into an equally refined and precise but also round toned and singing instrument. It is rare for so many qualities to be concentrated in one piano".


About Schimmel Classic Grand Pianos

The Schimmel Classic Grand Piano range are professional pianos available in three sizes, C169, C189, C213 and prices for the new Schimmel grand pianos start at £26,999. Schimmel pianos also produce a range of uprights in their classic series.

schimmel classic grand piano

In the piano making industry Schimmel is a name that is synonymous with tradition and quality. To own a Schimmel grand piano is to own a piece of grand piano perfection, and a timeless piece of piano history


About Schimmel Konzert Grand Pianos

Schimmel Konzert Grand Pianos are the top of the piano world. The Konzert grand pianos are based on a unified design concept, meaning that all the grand pianos have the same action. Providing the smaller instruments with a fullness that surpasses many other makers. The current sizes are K175, K195, K219, K230, K256 and the ultimate in Schimmel grand pianos the K280. The prices reflect the high quality and start at just under £45,000.

 schimmel Koncert grand piano
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