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Collection: Rental Pianos

Shackleford Pianos rental schemes are designed to suit your needs.

Whether you prefer to rent and return the piano or would rather have an option to purchase, we can help. Choose from our range of used upright pianos, to find the perfect piano for you.

Finance your piano

Basic rental scheme

Pay only 5% of the piano’s purchase price for a minimum of 10 months + VAT*

Piano priced at £1250 5% of £1250 is £62.50pcm + VAT. Plus 2 way local ground floor delivery removal fee which will be priced accordingly. 
Total advance payment = first 3 months + VAT, transport cost, plus installation tuning (£70).

Rental with option to purchase – monthly payment

For 5% of the piano’s purchase price per month + VAT, you can rent the piano till you are ready to purchase it, in which case 2/3 of your current payments will be deducted from the piano’s total value.*

Piano priced at £5,000, 5% of £5,000 = £300pcm including VAT. 2/3 of £300 is £200. 10 months of a monthly payment of £200 equates to £2000 including VAT. This amount will be deducted from the price of the piano leaving a total balance of £3,000 to pay off at the end of the period.

*The purchase price on any rental piano will be the list price, rather than any sale price which may be offered on the website.

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