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Irmler Piano History


Born in Obergrumbach, Johann Christian Gottlieb Irmler studied piano making with the masters in Vienna. In 1818 he travelled to Leipzig, where he founded the piano making house of J.G.Irmler.

Irmler was renowned for producing very good grand, square and upright pianos, with some of his earlier productions still available for public viewing at the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg. Irmler saw his small piano factory grow into a large establishment as his pianos sold in all parts of the world.

Irmler, like many other piano makers of his time was inventing new parts in an attempt to improve the instrument. In 1842 Irmler invented a new action for grand pianos, which allowed faster repetition and better control compared to standard constructions used in those days. In the same year, irmler was awarded the Great golden Saxony Royal State Medal, by the king of Saxony, for his achievements. Sadly, on 10th December 1857 Johann Irmler passed away.

Management of the Irmler piano company was passed onto Johann's two sons, Otto and Oswald. Both sons had gone through the school of piano making in the leading shops of Vienna, Paris and london. The sons introduced steam-driven machinery in their factory in 1861, and they may have been the first piano company to do so. In 1861, Otto irmler died and management of the piano factory fell soley to Oswald who was only 26 years of age.

The excellent grand pianos gained a wide reputation and numerous instruments were exported to countries such as Russia and Scandinavia and in 1900, Irmler pianos was appointed as the Purveyor to the Court of his Royal Highness the Duke of Mecklemburg - Schwerin, and his Highness Duke of Anhalt. The company also won awards for its products wherever they were exhibited. For 44 years Oswald Irmler directed the piano company to great success and made his sons, Otto and Emil partners of the piano company in 1903. He died in October 1905.

In 1943, together with many other piano firms, including Blüthner, the factory was bombed and nothing was left. This would normally have been the end of a successful history but soon after the second world war the irmler family started the piano business again. However under the Russian occupation it was difficult for the factories to be rebuilt and in 1953 the family fled to the West of Germany. The company was not re-established again until 1999. Today the company is thriving due to its fine instruments with affordability and outstanding value at the key to their philosophy.

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