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Established in 1818, Irmler Pianos are famous for their distinctive sound properties. More royal families owned Irmlers than any other piano brand in the mid eighteen hundreds.

The finest of materials, highest quality of craftsmanship and the use of modern technology are the reasons for Irmler's success. Irmler pianos are part of the Bluthner pianos group, Irmler benefits from being able to cooperate with Bluthner with craftsmanship and tradition.

Irmler is an important part of the Bluthner piano group, producing high quality pianos of outstanding value aimed at the student and advanced piano market. The brand is being manufactured in two series, the Irmler Studio, designed for beginner pianist through to advanced students, and the Irmler Professional aimed at the most discerning of pianists.

Irmler Piano Manufacturing Process

Irmler Piano Manufacturing Process


The Irmler Studio series is made of the finest parts and materials and by using the latest technology at a factory in China that is owned and supervised by Bluthner.

The pianos are then shipped to the Blüthner factory in Leipzig Germany where high quality German made hammers by Abel are installed. The pianos are then inspected and adjusted using the expertise only found in traditional German craftsmanship. The result is an affordable piano that sounds superb and will respond to the highest playing standards. The Irmler Studio pianos have been manufactured using German Delignit pinblocks and modern designed veneer-laminated spruce soundboards.

The Irmler Professional series, produced as Irmler Europe, is assembled in Germany using strung backs made by the Korean piano giant Samick using the finest of materials and manufactured to the highest of specifications. The Irmler Professional piano cabinets are manufactured to a very high specification in at a traditional piano maker in Poland.

The Irmler Professional pianos have German Delignit pinblocks and traditionally crafted solid Tibetan spruce soundboards. The Irmler Professional piano actions are manufactured by the highly respected Czech action maker Detoa, that are fitted with German made Abel hammers. The Irmler Professional series delivers many of the advanced musical traits that can be found in Bluthner pianos without the fully hand made in Germany price tag.

Let yourself be seduced by the tonal and aesthetic qualities of Irmler pianos. Superb value for money paired with Irmler's long-standing German piano craftsmanship and technical innovations guarantee the quality of Irmler Pianos.

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