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Bosendorfer has always been looked upon as one of the worlds great piano makers, and after sitting and playing this Bosendorfer Model 170 for less than a minute you will understand why... pure perfection. This Austrian beauty has perfect one piece ivory keys, the accuracy of a Renner action, coupled with the construction that enables this Bosendorfer Model 170 to produce their unique impeccable tone.

Bosendorfer are one of the few remaining piano makers that adhere to the traditional hand made building methods essential for creating the finest of pianos.

From the moment of realisation, all raw materials that are selected to make a Bosendorfer Piano are the absolute finest. The treatment of these materials by the finest of piano makers takes these raw materials to the pinnacle of musical brilliance.

The design of a Bosendorfer piano is best described as heavy and robust. The frames area very heavy gauge cast iron built to accept the stresses of the highest of tensions; the timber mainframe and backposts are the finest quality of structural oak and mahogany. Every string is individually tied ensuring the finest tuning stability.

All woods selected by Bosendorfer go through a stringent selection process; they are then seasoned to be able to accept the rigors of the highest levels of piano playing. Bosendorfer create playing actions that are the most accurate available. The deep yet clear sound that Bosendorfers pianos produce are testament to the rigorous methods of material selection and to the supreme levels of piano making craftsmanship.


Bosendorfer Piano Manufacturing Process:


Resonance Case Principle 

Rosendorfer Pianos cabinet  

Contrary to all other manufactures Bösendorfer constructs instruments concentrating on the use of spruce. More than 80% of this wood, ideal for instruments, can be found in Bösendorfer pianos. Very similar in principle to a violin the whole body - not exclusively the soundboard - supports sound formation. The actual core of the piano rim consists of a 10 mm quarter-sawn piece that is specially grooved by Bosendorfer craftsmen to allow it to be bent to the silhouette around the inner rim – this is unique to Bösendorfer. When a note is played, the integrated spruce components become acoustically active, forming a complete resonating body that allows the whole instrument to project your play. For outstanding richness of tone colour and our legendary pure and brilliant sound. This complex construction is part of the Viennese tradition of piano making. 

Naturally Wood

Pianos Wood

The basis of each Bösendorfer Grand is spruce that is naturally dried by air and has proven to be the ideal tone wood. The four seasons, sun, wind and wide temperature differences gently prepare this wood for its final purpose: to resonate. At Bösendorfer they use more than 80% of spruce tone wood building our instruments, more than any other manufacturer. Their Austrian spruce has to be grown at a minimum of 800 meters above sea level guaranteeing a very dense and regular grain structure. Harvested in winter, when the sap is at its lowest, it is subsequently quarter sawn for parallel grain. When you add the natural drying process to our manufacturing time, it actually takes 6 years until the Bösendorfer Grand arrives at your doorstep. Precious time, necessary to craft the unique Bösendorfer Sound.

Hand Spun Bass

Hand Spun Bass Bosendorfer Pianos

All bass strings are spun in unique Bösendorfer way. A steel core string is the basis for 1 or 2 layers of copper. The carefully spun strings are a substantial element of the warm and sonorous Bösendorfer bass.


Handcrafted in Austria

Bosendorfer Handcrafted

Bösendorfer Grands are not just an object of investment but of value that will last more than one generation. Skilled Bösendorfer Artisans reveal the inner beauty of the Bösendorfer sound, unique in colour, dynamics and expression. Perfected throughout, passed on to inspire, generations. It takes the dedication of our Bösendorfer Artisans for up to a year to build your Bösendorfer Grand. A personal touch that you will sense the moment you play. Austrian quality, Viennese soul. 


Independent Capo d'Astro

Bosendorfer capo dastro

Bösendorfer is the only piano manufacturer that applies a detachable and independent Capo d’Astro in the upper register. This is how they assure most precise adjustment in the upper register guaranteeing the original Bösendorfer Sound for generations: Unique sound for more than one generation. 


Bösendorfer Action

Bosendorfer Action

From delicate pianissimo to splendid fortissimo: A Bösendorfer Grand shows optimal controllability. Developed in cooperation with artists and technicians our action is crafted to our own, refined specification. This action is built to transfer the finest articulation of masterful play. Controllability at play.


Exceptional Touch

Bosendorfer Piano Keyboard

Bösendorfer keyboards are manufactured for Bosendorfer by Kluge in Germany. Each keyboard must comply with Bosendorfer technical specifications and meet the highest quality criteria. The patented Tharan coating – inspired by ivory – provides a pleasant feeling of play. Your touch that resonates.
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