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Bosendorfer History


The name Bosendorfer has become synonymous with pure class, excellence in piano making and grace. Based in Vienna, Ignaz Bosendorfer wanted to heighten the volume of previously made pianos whilst preserving the soft sound of the string.

Composer Liszt became a huge fan of Bosendorfer pianos as the instrument held up to his strong piano playing. After huge success, Bosendorfer went on to be awarded the title of 'Imperial and royal fortepiano Purveyor to the Court'.

Bosendorfer are not just famous for making concert grand pianos but also in encouraging people to use them. Alongside production they also held a piano competition and still do to this day. Along with this they also built a concert hall next to a new factory in Vienna to house their glorious instrument and to showcase it at its best.

Historical  Bosendorfer
Historical design by Anton Grosser, crafted by Bösendorfer


Bosendorfer are one of those piano companies that have lasted the test of time and in 2007 were awarded the coats of arms of Austria. However in 2008 Bosendorfer were taken over by Yamaha but Yamaha intend on keeping the beautiful and unique sound of the ever-loved Bosendofer.

Today, Bosendorfer's manufactory offers a fine assortment of 6 Grand Pianos starting at the size of 155 up to 225, 2 brilliant Concert Grands, 280VC and 290 Imperial, and 2 upright instruments, Grand Upright 120 & 130. They all share the legendary Bösendorfer DNA.

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