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Collection: Bluthner Piano Technical Aspects

Bluthner Pianos Technical Aspects


Shackleford Pianos rates Bluthner as one of the highest quality German pianos that you can buy.

Bluthner pianos are stunning examples of craftsmanship and build quality producing high-end sound and ease of play in the most professional of pianos. Bluthner also have one of the most interesting and fullfiled piano histories.

We have a selection of used and antique Bluthner pianos for sale.


The concert Bluthner Model A has always been a favourite with professional pianists. Its stature does not effect the tonal quality and volume and as a result this means that the Bluthner A is the perfect piano for a concert or professional pianist with limited space.


In the tradition of the Bauhaus principle "less is more", the timeless, modern design of this Bluthner model D upright will fit any room aesthetic. It's details lend an instantaneous sense of elegant luxury.


Beautiful sounding Bluthner pianos available at Shackleford Pianos Cheshire.


Blüthner records. Alexander Paley.
J.S. Bach: Goldberg-Variationen BWV 988. Aria
Instrument: Blüthner Konzertflügel Modell 1

From Bluthner's newest DVD Blüthner Soirée with Alexander Paley, performing Liszt's famous transcriptions of Schubert's classic German folksongs.

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