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Song Of The Week - Fantaisie Impromptu, Chopin

Song of the Week - 26/6/2023 - Fantaisie Impromptu, Chopin
This week's Song of the Week has been picked by Joshua, who is in charge of marketing at Shackleford Pianos. The song is a phenomenal, flowing piece written by the masterful Chopin.
Joshua loves this song because of his love for the piano and Classical and Romantic era music.
"I adore Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu because it is the perfect Romantic era piece. I love the contrasting sections of music - the fast melodic fire that slowly transforms into a more gentle, sweeter flow of music. The musicality of the piece is inspiringly beautiful and the piece is wonderful to listen to. Listening to this piece also reminds me of my days of studying music in both GCSE and A level  - where we would listen to and study very similar songs - and brings happy memories of learning music." 
Joshua Wardle