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Piano restoration is the art of transforming an older piano

Piano restoration is the art of transforming older, worn-out, traditional pianos to their former glory...

Restoring the finest traditional pianos is our passion; it is our main activity, something in which we take a great deal of pride.

We carry out the majority of work here in our workshops in Oxford; we do not send pianos away cheaply to Eastern Europe for reconditioning or restoration (which many other firms do).


piano restoration

In a typical piano restoration, we will do all of the following:

  • Restore the piano soundboard
  • Restring and re-pin the piano frame
  • Restore/rebuild the action/keyboard/damper assembly
  • Strip down and hand repolish the cabinet to reveal the pianos natural woodgrain
  • Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine tune to A-440
  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping
  • Overhaul the pianos pedal assembly


If you have a lovely older piano that you cherish but which no longer looks or performs at its best, why not consider sending it to us for restoration, and we will give it a new lease of life?