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How to Store a Piano

Here are a few tips to consider if moving and storing your piano is ever needed.

  1. Invest in a climate controlled storage unit. Pianos, like other wood furniture, are very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.
  2. Leave the actual moving to the professionals. Pianos can range from 300 to well over 1,000 pounds and without the proper equipment can be nearly impossible to move. If moved improperly, the process can cause damage to both you and the piano. Find a storage facility that will allow a piano moving company to come on premises to deliver your piano and place into storage.
  3. Rent a large enough unit for the piano to be stored on its legs, upright. Do not store a grand piano on its side.
  4. Once in storage, clean the wood surfaces with an appropriate piano polish. Never clean the keys with polish – instead wipe a slight damp cloth across the keys.
  5. Covering the piano with a cotton sheet will help keep dust off the piano as well act to buffer any possible environmental changes. Never use plastic or other non-breathing material to store a piano.
  6. Once the piano is moved from storage to its new home, allow the piano to ‘rest’ for a few weeks before having it tuned. The piano needs time to acclimate to its new environment.