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Grandiose Grand Restorations

We are proud to have restored some fantastic grand pianos as of recent. In fact, we did such a good job that we felt we should show-off our projects!

Using the best materials and years of experience in delicate craftsmanship, we have been able to restore the action and cabinetry of these pianos to beyond their former glory.

First of all, the Dussek baby grand piano in black matt finish. When we started this project, the piano was battered, scratched and, at a glance, beyond hope. However, using our expertise, we were able to fully restore the grand, reviving its life and musicality. 

Left: Before restoration    Right: After restoration

Dussek Baby Grand Piano Before RestorationDussek Baby Grand Piano After Restoration









We have also restored a luxurious Bösendorfer baby grand piano, finished in a wonderful mahogany finish. With professional artisanship, we once again managed to breathe colour into the piano, giving it the vibrancy in style and sound that it once had.

Below: After restoration

Bosendorfer after restoration 1 Bosendorfer grand piano after restoration 2



Bosendorfer grand piano after restoration 3



We are always happy to provide you with the perfect restoration service, bringing joy and song into your home once again. We are also excited to see what comes into our workshop to be restored next.


Joshua Wardle