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Fair and Square

Square pianos are always a treat to work with - they are unique, interesting and often have magnificent sound and aesthetics. Therefore, when we were tasked with reviving a Schomacker square piano, circa 1860, the team was ecstatic!

Schomacker & Co. began in 1838 in Philadelphia. The piano company was run in partnership by Johann Heinrich Schumacher (who had changed his name to John Henry Schomacker) and William Bossert. Schomacker was born in Schleswig-Holstein and learned the art of piano making in Vienna. 

Schomacker was a masterful piano maker - rigorous, exceptionally skilled and ambitious. Where William was happy with an average income, Schomacker stretched himself above and beyond. The partnership ended in 1842 with Schomacker continuing to perfect his pianos.

Schomacker's pianos were extremely popular, winning numerous awards such as the silver medal of the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, first prize at the American Institute Exhibition in New York, and he received the gold medal at the World's Fair at the Crystal Palace - also in New York. Demand for his pianos increased at an impressive rate, and a factory was built in 1855 in Philadelphia. In 1856, Schomacker turned his business into a corporation with the title "Schomacker Piano Company".

Schomacker stopped making pianos in 1872 and died three years later, with his name living on, echoing across the history of piano making.

Take a look at the finished product of our restoration work, accompanied by before and after pictures -



This particular Schomacker piano is an elegant marvel - the cabinetry, finished in a resplendent rosewood looks absolutely astonishing and the carved cabinet makes the piano ten times as spectacular. The voice and tone is something truly special - clear, colourful and charismatic. With an overwhelmingly impressive sound, this stunning square piano encapsulates any audience.

Being such a splendid, historical piano, we were honoured to restore this gem of the piano world. We are delighted to say that the customer was extremely happy and satisfied with this restoration. If you need a piano restoration from someone you can trust - we are your piano experts!


By Joshua Wardle