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Alton Towers Tuning

Recently, we have had the pleasure to tune an upright piano at Alton Towers - Britain's favourite theme park resort.

We sent one of our professional piano technicians, Chris, to tune a YAMAHA upright piano so it could be pitch perfect once again.

The glamorous upright piano was tucked underneath the canopy of a large teepee where people gather  to socialise and enjoy the resort. The YAMAHA upright piano was bold and glamorous, with a clear window revealing the inner workings of the action within the piano.

What was special about this tuning job was that the YAMAHA piano was designed  to play itself. The upright piano that Chris was tuning was a YAMAHA Disklavier, a system fitted with electronic sensors, allowing the piano to play recorded music.


Piano Tuning Alton Towers YAMAHA Disklavier


However this was no match for our professional piano tuner, Chris, who managed to tune the YAMAHA piano back to perfect concert pitch. Once again, a job well done for our expert piano tuner and technician.

Chris says that as a kid, his favourite place to be was Alton Towers and it was a pleasure for him to revisit the theme park and tune their piano.


Joshua Wardle