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A Visit From Udo Steingraeber

Recently, we were delighted to welcome Udo Steingraeber into our showroom and workshop. We are one of Steingraeber & Söhne's main distributers when it comes to selling Steingraeber upright and grand pianos and are proud to sell such a luxurious, top-end brand of pianos.

With resplendent and resonant grand pianos such as the model E or the C-212 and brilliant upright pianos like the 130 T or the 138 K, Steingraeber pianos are well known amongst renowned pianists. Due to their outstanding, harmonious sound, fantastic, responsive action and their deluxe cabinetry, they are adored by many piano enthusiasts and are perfect for any professional or aspiring pianist. Steingraeber & Söhne is truly the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship.

As always, we were happy to welcome Udo Steingraeber to Shackleford Pianos and continue to sell stunning Steingraeber pianos.

Udo & Delia Steingraeber and the Shackleford Pianos Team


On their way over to the UK, Udo and Delia Steingraeber visited Ripon Cathedral to watch a concert. In his latest recordings and at the St Cecilia Orchestra Concert at Ripon Cathedral, renowned pianist Peter Donohoe has been using top-of-the-range Steingraeber Pianos. This showcases the ever-growing popularity and reputation of Steingraeber & Söhne.


St Cecilia Peter Donohoe

 St Cecilia Orchestra 2

St Cecilia Orchestra 1


The Shackleford and Steingraeber family with Peter Donohoe

Above: The Shackleford family with the Steingraeber family and Peter Donohoe.


Joshua Wardle