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3 Reasons Piano Is the Ideal First Instrument

Learning an instrument is an extremely rewarding experience for your child. There are countless to choose from, but the piano is often the best place to start. It’s one of the most accommodating, no matter your age. When coupled with piano lessons, kids will quickly see progress, and the passion they’ll develop will encourage them to try new instruments down the road.

What Makes Piano the Best First Instrument to Learn?

1. It Sounds Great Right Away

From the moment your child sits down, they’ll be able to hit a key and get a clean, crisp note from the piano. With a guitar, woodwind instruments, and brass, kids need to develop more extensive fingering techniques to get a clean tone. It can be disheartening to hear only flat, crackly sounds in the early stages, which is why children often abandon these instruments. During piano lessons, kids can focus on training and always rely on quality sound.

2. Theory Is Easier to Understand

Everything on a piano is laid out clearly and easy to understand. During piano lessons, they’ll learn the seven primary notes, which are laid out the same and in succession across all the keys. Sharps and flats are visually simple to understand, and there are no bending or odd fingering techniques to alter the notes. This makes music easier to understand and read. Learning music theory and basics during piano lessons will provide all the foundation needed to learn future instruments.

3. Coordination Is Easier to Develop

Compared with other instruments, such as the drums, the coordination and dexterity required to play the piano are luckily much simpler. While skill and practice are still essential, your child will develop more quickly than with other instruments and enjoy playing exciting new songs at a faster pace.

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