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Used Piano Preparation

Used Piano Preparation

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Piano Felt Replacement Key Alignment
 striking-mechanism.jpg  restored-action-image.jpg
Striking Mechanism  Restored Action

Piano mechanism

The mechanism of a piano can be divided into 4 sections; these sections are the striking mechanism, sounding mechanism, control mechanism and the resonator.

1. The striking mechanism, or playing action, is depending on the piano, made up of 1500 to 2000 moving parts, these are your key assemblies, rail assemblies, hammer and wippen assemblies.

2. The control system is also part of the playing mechanism; this mechanism includes the damper and sustenuto assemblies, the soft shift mechanisms and the pedals and rods that control these parts.

3. The sounding system is broken into two sections – the vibrator and resonator systems. The vibrator system includes 230 – 250 strings, the tuning pins, and the pin block, hitch pins, iron frame, back posts, the agraffes or pressure bar.

The resonator system includes the soundboard, soundboard ribs and buttons, the bridges and bridge pins.

4. The sounding box comprises of all the case parts, including the lid, music desk, fallboard, legs and castors, etc.




Rigorous checking procedures

All pianos in our stock go through rigorous checking and adjusting procedures that insures you are going to have a reliable and enjoyable piano to play for many years to come. We follow 5 steps with every piano meaning you can choose a sound musical and financial investment. This procedure is as follows:

Pitch: We check the piano is going to hold perfect and stable concert pitch, and finely tune all pianos to concert standard.

We check the tension in all of the tuning pins and strings and check the pinblock for any splits or loose tuning pins. The iron frame is checked for cracks, the soundboard for cracks or fissures, and the bridges for cracks and loose bridge pins, we check the mainframe and back posts for cracks and glue stability.

Any part that is flawed is repaired or replaced. Strings that are not producing a clear and pleasant tone are replaced. At the end of this process we guarantee your piano will hold an accurate and stable tuning, as well as produce a resonant and pleasant tone.

Touch: We adjust all pianos to play evenly and accurately. This includes checking 9000 + individual parts that make up the playing action. Any felts, springs, pins or wooden parts that are at fault are either replaced or repaired. The action is then adjusted to tolerances of less than 1mm to ensure accurate and enjoyable musical playing.

Tone: All hammers, strings, and soundboard are carefully checked, hammers are reshaped or replaced and adjusted to produce a tone that best demonstrates the build quality of the piano. Strings are cleaned or replaced, and accurately tuned. Soundboards are checked for splits and where necessary repaired or replaced.

Durability: All parts of the piano are checked for current, or possible future flaws. Any problem areas are replaced or repaired ensuring your investment is both a sound one musically and financially.

Appearance: The exterior of the piano is presented to be an item of beauty that encapsulates a fine musical instrument ready to deliver a fine performance, weather it be in the home, school or concert hall.


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