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Schwechten Upright

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One of the first pianos our Director restored was a Schwechten of Berlin piano.

He was an apprentice at the time and his teacher, Wayne Stuart of Stuart & Sons pianos told him "this is one of the finest makers you will ever come across". In his 33 years + of working with pianos Aaron, Shackleford Pianos Director, have come to fully agree with him. Aaron have restored several Schwechten upright and grand pianos and have found them to be of superior build quality and design.

Schwechten were a piano maker famous for producing pianos of the highest musical standard and durability. The pianos were made by the finest craftsmen using materials and components that were the pinnacle of musical instrument making, the pianos reflect this in quality of tone and musicality, with cabinetry that is aesthetically pleasing making this an item that will be the centre piece in any environment it is placed.

The action for this Schwechten Upright Piano has been fully rebuilt using felts and materials sympathetic to the period the piano was made. The stringing system of piano is fitted with an agraffe system - this is a component that helps generate greater tone quality and resonance. The rosewood cabinet has been re french polished with the floral motif resplendent in the centre upper panel. This is a beautiful restored piano for those looking for a period piece that can still deliver a high level of musical performance.

      Piano Dimensions - Height: 130cm / Width:150cm / Depth: 69cm

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