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Osztreicher Upright piano
Osztreicher Upright Piano
Osztreicher Upright internal design
Osztreicher Upright

Osztreicher Upright

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Osztreicher studio model upright piano in matt mahogany finish.

Osztreicher pianos are made in China to made to a very high standard.  Osztreicher piano models are designed in Germany, and as a result the pianos Osztreicher  produces reflect German quality.

This particular Osztreicher is the 109 studio model - a piano designed to fit into smaller spaces, but still deliver a high standard of sound and playability. The piano is finished in matt mahogany that is a very easy finish to maintain and keep clean, it is an attractive furniture piece as well as a beautiful musical instrument. This little used piano will satisfy the most discerning of pianists looking for a smaller piano to fit into a smaller space.

Some of the features found in the Osztreicher 109 Studio Model -

  • German Design
  • Spruce Sound Board for better tone quality and sound durability and maturity
  • German strings, tuning pins and pin block
  • Japanese action components
  • Hard wearing high gloss black finish
  • Easy to move due to high quality castors
  • Lid locks
  • Responsive action
  • Beautiful tone and voice
  • Free delivery ground floor UK and discount delivery worldwide


    Piano Dimensions - Height: 109cm / Width:146cm / Depth: 54cm


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    Risk-Free 3 year Buy Back Plan


    Free piano delivery ground floor UK including London.

    Come in and play this or any of the other pianos in our complete piano range, we have pianos for all budgets and playing standards. Bring some sheet music and take your time to choose a piano that is perfect for you.



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