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Niendorf 227 Semi-Concert Grand Piano

Niendorf 227 Semi-Concert

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Niendorf 227 Semi-Concert Grand Piano has the following design and manufacturing features

  • Solid spruce hand made soundboard by Strunz
  • Hand made bridges of the finest beech
  • Cast iron frame vacuum cast in Germany
  • Full, responsive Renner Action
  • Beautiful tone and voice
  • Agraffes in the middle and bass section to promote tonal clarity and sound logevity
  • Sustenuto Pedal
  • Hard wearing high gloss finish
  • The finest in German design and manufacture
  • Free delivery ground floor UK and discount delivery worldwide

Niendorf 227 Semi-concert Grand Piano stands the test on stage. Clear but still wonderfully warm and rich bass and treble tones swirl through the hall from our semi-concert grand, captivating both the pianist and the rapt audience. From the softest pianissimo to a forceful forte, 227 Niendorf’s voice and volume have won many a great pianist’s heart.

Niendorf pianos are fully hand made in, Luckenwalde, Germany using time honoured techniques and the finest materials available. Every aspect in the manufacture of Niendorf pianos is of the highest quality, all materials and construction methods are of the highest order, the result being pianos that are some of the finest available in the world today. 


    Piano Dimensions - Height: 99cm  |  Width: 154.3cm  |  Depth: 227cm


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