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Moore & Moore of London used upright piano
Moore & Moore of London used upright piano
Moore & Moore of London used upright piano
Moore & Moore of London secondhand upright piano
Moore & Moore of London second hand upright piano

Moore & Moore of London upright piano

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This Moore & Moore of London upright piano in mahogany finish is a beautifully made piano with beautiful clear and resonant tonality and it will easily take a student well beyond the grade five level. This upright piano is a second hand piano.

Moore & Moore of London were very good piano makers, the pianos they made are always of the highest of quality and were made to be robust and musical, reflecting their main design which was for melodic longevity, musicality, and with cabinets that are well made and aesthetically pleasing to look at. This particular Moore & Moore has beautifully sculptured front panels that will easily make this a standout piece of furniture in any situation. We have always found Moore & Moore pianos to be easy to work on and as a result the pianos always play well and respond to any adjustments we may have to perform, and in return the pianos are always very nice to play.  

    Piano Dimensions - Height: 126cm / Width:153cm / Depth: 61cm

    Come in and play this or any of the other pianos in our complete piano range, we have pianos for all budgets and playing standards. Bring some sheet music and take your time to choose a piano that is perfect for you. 

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