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Gaveau Baby Grand Piano
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano Wood
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano Keyboard
Gaveau Baby Grand Piano Frame
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Gaveau Baby Grand

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Gaveau were a French piano maker who are renowned to be one of the finest all time makers of pianos. I first come accross Gaveau at a concert hall in France and thought it was one of the most well balanced and dynamic pianos I had even listened to. A true beauty to behold.

This Gaveau is a baby sized piano at 144cm in length, is fitted with a Schwander roller action and can be played with the greatest sensitivity and accuracy, this is one of the finest piano actions available. 

This Gavea baby grand was made in 1912, which is in a period know as the the "golden period" of piano making, when the skills of the craftsmen making the pianos were superior and the technology available in manufacturing was at its most advanced. Pianos from this period are always superior and the musicality of instruments made in this period are evidence to this. This a baby grand piano, yet the sound that comes from this piano can not be described as baby, it is a large robust sound that most bigger pianos would struggle to match. It's a used piano.

Gaveau pianos are always high on the list when considering the worlds finest ever piano makers. The pianos were hand made in France, and made by the finest artisans using the finest materials - resulting in pianos of the highest standards in all aspects of the instrument. Gaveau pianos are always beautifully toned, have superb volume balance between the registers, and have actions that offer faultless repetition, accuracy, and sensitivity. 

I have included below a clip of George Cziffra playing on a Gaveau concert grand - I know this is different from a baby grand but it does demonstrate the power and clarity of a finely made piano.

    Piano Dimensions - Length: 144cm  |  Width:134cm  

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